He Hides in Darkness

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

“It must be your sinuses,” the dentist said. “Your teeth look good. Call me if the pain persists.”
So many painfilled days later I called,to hear, ‘It’s not your teeth. They look good. Call your doctor.’

“It must be your teeth,” said the doctor. “I don’t see anything wrong with your ears. They look good. Call your dentist.” Three months later, “The pain is worse. Can you work me in?”

“I still don’t see anything wrong,” said the dentist. “I will give you a prescription for an antibiotic to get you through the weekend. Call me back if it continues.” By the way, she ground a couple of teeth in the back on the left side just in case. That did it. Over the weekend, it became excruciating pain to bite down, and finally I have identified the tooth. The very back top wisdom tooth. For three months, it has hidden.

Satan is like that. He clothes himself in darkness and causes spiritual pain in our lives. We fail to identify the “god-shaped” vacuum in our heart and try to ease the pain with all types of substitutes. But make no mistake about it, the culprit is a bad heart, a sinful heart. No amount of good deeds or new resolutions will take away the pain. To enjoy life as God intended requires a new heart.

That new heart is only found in Jesus. So where does it hurt on your today? Whatever the spiritual picture, it is your heart. Don’t let the devil hide in the dark corners of your life and create misery for you.

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