Coyotes in the Back Yard

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

This morning I woke up to our small house dog barking excessively in our back yard, actually on the back porch. My wife went to check on the problem and came back and said, “There is a coyote in our back yard.” In my mind I picture coyotes as “out west”.

Before you comment and say, “Oh no, they are all over South Carolina,” let me say, I already know that. I have seen several dead on the side of the road. Last week I saw one run across the back of our church parking lot.

I don’t know whether to see them as “deer repellants” for my garden, or as a danger to our small dog. Either way, I have coyotes in the back yard now.
This reminds me of my favorite cartoon as a kid, the Roadrunner. I loved seeing him thwart Wile E. Coyote all the time. Be careful that you resist the “wiles” of the devil.


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