Catching My Second Wind

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

OK; so I just got back from vacation and a week at the beach. Tanned up, and I have lost 36 pounds. I thought I would send you the latest picture. LOL. Not really, but I fooled you right, I’m sure. But I want to talk about our physical health a bit. The Bible teaches that Jesus as a boy grew in “wisdom, and in stature and in favor with God and man.” I see that to mean he grew intellectually, spiritually, relationally, and he grew in good physical health.

I Cor. 6:19 reminds us, ‘Your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.” A friend sent me a message on facebook this past weekend. He said, ‘I just returned from out of town and drove by your church. Remind your congregation how important first impressions are and how good it is to see the campus looking good.” How much more important is the witness of the temple of our bodies to the glory of God?

When I graduated from College, I weighed 175 pounds. That isn’t bad on my six foot frame. When I married in 1975, I immediately moved to the 200 level, where I stayed until about age 30, when I became 225. I was good there until I passed 40, and then it was 235. And I stayed at that level, up or down a few, but I stayed there until I moved out in the country where I am now. Lots of country cooking and homemade desserts and I was soon 255, where I stayed for about 6 years. But then in April I weighed at 262. YIKES. At that point I said, “No more.”

I am sure there are many good programs. But I had a friend who had some success with Beach Body. He told me about something called “Shakeology.” He told me it had my daily nutritional requirements and that it was a great substitute for a meal. Then he suggested I sign up as a coach, so I could buy the products at a discounted rate, and maybe even help others. I began substituting a shake for breakfast 6 of 7 days. I cut out most red meat, most sweets, and most breads. I began to eat slightly reduced portions, but lots of fruits. If I need a crunch snack, I eat natural almonds. Yes, I cheat once in a while. I also began to walk and have gotten to where I walk briskly for 30 minutes every morning.

So what is the result. I have dropped 36 pounds in a little over two months. The funny thing is, I haven’t followed the regimen well for the last three weeks. I went to New Orleans, and well, I had to eat some cajun food. Then I was sick for a week, and had to have some comfort foods, and then a week at the beach. I ate “she-crab” soup (lots of cream)a four nights, had ice crem three nights, pizza, fried seafoods, hamburgers. Got home, weighed and had lost two more pounds.

But I want to lose another 25 pounds, and so I am catching my second wind, and taking the steps to keep in shape. I want to challenge you. Don’t wait another day. Tomorrow never comes. Today, if you hear His voice (saying, “Your body is mine.) In fact, Paul said our only reasonable worship is to offer God our bodies as a living sacrifice. (Rom. 12:1-2)


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