God prefers Honda

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I was a youth pastor, many moons ago, I used to have all kinds of corny Bible jokes. Like, “Did you know there is a baseball game in the Bible?” “Yes, it says, ‘In the big inning’. Come on now, that is funny. Or, did you know there was a tennis game? “Sure, it says, ‘David served in Saul’s court.” But everyone knows that there was an automobile in the early church in Jerusalem. The scripture says, “They were all in one accord.” LOL.

So what does that mean? The New American Standard says in Acts 4 that they were all of one heart and one mind. That is absolutely amazing to me. The Bible tells us that before we come to Christ our hearts are deceitfully wicked. And we know that the Bible tells us to trust in the Lord with all of our heart, and not to lean on our own understanding. So mankind’s mind and heart are naturally self centered, and not likely to be inclined to “one accord.” (Honda, get it, accord?)

When God did a new work in Antioch, he made the Gentiles and the Jews one. He didn’t make the Gentiles into Jews, nor did He change the Jews into Gentiles. He created something new, Christians. “They were called Christians first at Antioch”. When the Holy Spirit overwhelms a congregation of people, I believe a “Godly Unity” permeates the group. It is supernaturally produced. We should long for that in our churches today.

Paul told the Corinthians they demonstrated they were still baby Christians by all of their divisions. Unity is a gift of the Holy Spirit. I believe it requires we die to self, and that we enthrone Christ. I believe it comes not when I adopt your mind, or you adopt my mind, but when Christ gives us His mind.

“Heavenly Father, please answer the prayer of Your only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus, in John 17 when He asked that we might all be one, if as You and He are One.”


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