Call it What it is.

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was one of those days full of surprises. First, a Hispanic pastor named Juan came by the office. I had never met him, but our worship leader had arranged for his church to join us for worship on Sunday evening and lead. He asked me about reaching Hispanics in our community.

Later in the day I had an arranged meeting with a man from Charlotte named Jeff. Jeff served on the mission field for years in India, and learned an incredible strategy for discipleship. I had arranged to meet with him and pick his brain. What I had not imagined was meeting Ray. Ray is 24 years young, was saved in a jail cell by reading Matthew’s Gospel, then attended Bible College and is now planting churches all over the city.

By the end of the day, I was like, “Wow, God you are incredible.” In the midst of all of this, Jeff said something that renewed my commitment to Matthew 28:18-20. He said, “If we are not making disciples, we need to call it what it is. It is sin.” He continued, “We can label it an omission, or whatever else we want, but the bottom line is, it is just sin.”

We often speak of “it” as the “Great Commission.” It is the parting challenge of our Lord Jesus. It is what we remain here for. And make no mistake, the imperative in Matthew 28 is, “Make Disciples.” It is given to every follower of Jesus Christ. So how are we doing? How are you doing? Are you a disciple? Are you making disciples?


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