Traveling at M.O.Ch. speed

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Think about some of the things people say related to church. “I have to go to the church.” “We are going to have church at 11.” “Let’s go out to eat after church is over.”

But the church is not a place or something you have. And it certainly should not “be over.” The church is the Body of Christ, and as such it a living organism. It is made up of people who are “followers of Jesus Christ” and who have been made alive by the Holy Spirit.

We sometimes talk about “mega churches” and “super churches”, and now even multi-campus churches. I want to cry out for there to be “Mission Outpost Churches”. I am talking about churches that are in strategic places and see themselves as more than one local church. Rather they see themselves as Acts 1:8 commissioned fellowships to launch other fellowships.

According to the surveys, about 60% of the average community is outside of the reach of the traditional church model. In the community I serve, the government census from 2010 says there are approximately 200,000 people withing ten miles of the building where we worship. I don’t think the largest of churches in our community is able to reach the multi-ethnic, multi-generational community. We must become missional in our own communities, even as we also are missional to the ends of the earth.

There is a lot that could be said to this, but what I would love is to generate a conversation. Will you jump in?

  1. Daryl Price says:

    Let it be so. Every church everywhere starting multiplying mission outpost. I am all in and know there are many churches who are catching the mission outpost vision. Thanks Brad for championing the cause.

  2. W Army says:

    The first paragraph says so much. If I am being renewed daily, dying to myself daily, if I am willing to allow myself to be a poured out drink offering in the hands of Jesus and for His purposes then I will be ‘missional’ in my very being. The grocery store, the school, the fill in the blank becomes an automatic mission field because my mind is always on Christ and His desire to save souls.
    Yes, that will never ‘be over’.

  3. Ted Ortigo says:

    Missions is an Attitude not a Place. Satan is happy with the faithful church member that sits in a pew, listens to the word being preached, and stays busy in church, then shifts into neutral outside the church.Satan hates the church member that leaves the building on a mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus, here and abroad.
    When will we as churches stop competing againt each other and start standing together with our Lord allowing Him to grow the fruit of the Spirit within us.It is not about our mission but HIS mission.
    Bless you Brad for seeing through the eyes of Jesus and Bless your Church for being a light to those that come into the church and to those outside the doors.

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