Judge or Jury?

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week I have the privilege to serve in a jury pool for the county that I live in. After sitting in a courtroom for roll call, I had the privilege of sitting in a jury assembly oom to wait and see if a computer would choose my juror number. It didn’t happen yet. For those so called, they then returned to the jury room for the attorneys to kick out some they thought would hurt their case.

It is an “inalienable right” we have as American citizens. We can request a trial where our sentence is determined by a jury of our peers. Then our fate so to speak is in the hands of attorneys to present a reasonable defense, or prosecutors to provide an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove our guilt.

It will not be that way eternally. We cannot request a trial by jury. We will not be judged by a group of our peers who are as much sinners as we are. We will not be judged by how close we came to righteousness, or whether or not we did better than someone else. We will not have our equals to determine we had an unfair disadvantage.

The Word of God says, “It is appointed unto every person once to die, and after this comes the judgement.”
(Heb. 9:27). Every man or woman will stand before the judgment seat of God and receive an absolutely fair and just trial for their sins. Every person is going to be determined to be guilty. Every person will receive a sentence of death. Unless . . .

Unless they settle out of court. Jesus Christ already paid the penalty of our sins on a cross. We can accept His substitutionary atonement in our behalf and settle with God before that day comes. It is our choice. We cannot choose a jury. We can choose to settle with God by repenting of our sins and trusting in Christ, or we can choose to stand trial.


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