Who Did God vote for?

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is interesting to listen to politicians. Actually, I should probably say mostly nauseating. But the element of interest is that al of our problems were caused by the opponent, and all of the blessings were to their credit. Bush blamed Clinton, Obama blamed Bush. So let me ask you. Who did God vote for?

Actually, this is a trick question. Ephesians 1:4 sayas that God chose you and me before the foundation of the world. The word means that God “elected” you. The answer to my question,who did God vote for? He voted for you.

He voted to send His Son, Jesus into the world to live without sin, and then die on a cross in our place, bearing our shame and guilt. He voted for our redemption. He voted for our adoption. He voted for us to know Him in a personal relationship. In the midst of this election year, remember, God voted for you.


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