The Impact of One Unfaithful member of the Congregation

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is a story most of us learned early in Sunday School. It is the story of Joshua and the israelites marching around Jericho until the walls fell down. I want to call attention to one specific aspect of that story. (Joshua 6-7). God told the Israelites to take absolutely no plunder from the city when they conquered it. God said, “It all is to be dedicated to God.” It is the only city that God gave that instruction about. So why? It was the first city, and you may recall that God says that the firstfruits are always His.

Unfortunately, a man by the name of Achan did not obey. He saw some things that he wanted, so he took them and buried them under a rug in his tent. The result? The next city that Israel faced was Ai. The Israelites took a beating. What is interesting is that at the beginning of ch. 7 we read, “The sons of Israel acted unfaithfully.” Only one man acted in disobedience, but his sin was assigned to the entire congregation.

When questioned, Achan said, “I saw . . . I coveted . . . I took.” He was taken outside the camp and stoned and burned. Israel was then victorious. So let me ask: Is the Bible always true? Yes. Is God the same today as He was then? Yes. Can the disobedience of one person in a church impact the entire church? You decide. What if we rob God as a congregation? You decide.


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