How about G4 plus?

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you have 4G, or a u youstill using 3G? And what the heck is a “G”, and who counts to make sure you have the correct number? Well, I have often been told, “Google is your friend.” SO I googled to see what a “G” is, and it said Generation. So it has something to do with the development of technology and what generation we are in. It seems to me if that is really true, by now we should be at about 2o something G. But it doesn’t matter.

I want to talk about the number 4 and generations. In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul says, “The things which you have learned from me, the same teach to other faithful men who will be able to train others also.” Paul was G1, and Timothy was G2, and “faithful men” are G3, and “others also” are G4. Now Paul did not mean stop there, but he coudn’t say, and others, and others, and others, etc. Maybe he could have quoted the Gamecock’s coach Spurrier who seems obsessed with working the words “and so forth and so on” into every conversation at some point.

The point is, Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples and to train them to train others. Worldwide it seems that when someone gets past generation 4 a movement takes place. Then we see the multitudes coming to know the Gospel. Unfortunately in the American church we rarely get past G2. So, do you have a reproducible form of discipleship? How are you doing, by the way, with the one commission that Jesus gave us? “Go and make disciples of all the peoples”.


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