Is Jesus Handicapped?

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was tempted to write “Is Jesus a Cripple?” but I realize that is not a politically correct way to say things. Actually, it is polite to ask, “Is Jesus physically challenged?” I asked a question last week, ‘What constitutes failure?”and although there aren’t a lot of written comments, many of you weighed in in personal conversation about that. I anticipate my question here may raise a few eyebrows and even create some heartburn for some.

The singing group, Casting Crowns has a song entitled, “If we are the Body.” And they ask, ‘Why aren’t His arms reaching, why aren’t His hands healing, why aren’t His feet going?” I would ask, does the church as the body of Christ in America today truly reflect the heart of the Lord Jesus? Do we see people the way He sees them? Do we love people the way He tells us to love them? Are His priorities our priorities?

I remember Jesus saying it was to our advantage for Him to return to the Father because He would send the Holy Spirit to no longer simply be with us, but now to be in us. Then He said something about us doing the same works that He did, except to a greater degree. So what happened? All across America there are a few super churches. They are exploding with people that have responded to an incredible attractional model.

But all across America there are more church buildings that have fewer and fewer congregants as they sing, “I will not be moved.”So if we take Casting Crowns seriously, if we really are the body of Christ, and if we really aren’t reaching, and healing, and going, and telling, then the body of Christ must be handicapped. But is that possible? Or could it be that we have taken a name that is not true. Maybe many congregations just aren’t the body of Christ. I am just saying. . .

  1. Tyler Keaton says:

    So let me get this straight. You are operating under the assumption that Jesus needs us? I beg to differ. God never needed us. He never will. But He wants us. That’s why we are called to reach out. But Jesus will never be crippled. He is GOD! He cannot be crippled because He is perfect. To assume that a perfect, omnipotent God needs us is completely arrogant of us to assume. The crippled ones are us. God uses us to accomplish His will, mending our crippled lives as we continue to serve Him and love others as He did. I’m not trying to come across as condescending or angry, but I do believe God asks us to speak the truth. I am no more holy than anyone else. In fact, I am probably the least qualified to be addressing this, but God says that Scripture is to be used for correction, so I hope this is helpful and doesn’t come across as cross. God bless!

  2. Tyler,
    I appreciate your insights, but let me set the record straight about my assumptions. I have no minute thought that God (Jesus) needs us in any form or fashion. We are certainly privilged to be included in His work, in which He has chosen to work through His bride, the church. Let me also be very clear that Jesus is not handicapped in any fashion. He is God, and is without flaw or blemish.

    I have been known to watch the TV program, The Big Bang Theory. In that show, super Geek Sheldon is “sarcasm challenged”. I am not suggesting you are, and certainly could see how you might draw the conclusions that you did, but I do want to be sure that everyone knows my question is completely “sarcastic”.

    I think the questions of the song are still worth addressing. If the church is the body of Christ, and Jesus says it is, why aren’t his hands reaching out to those in need? Why isn’t His voice telling the lost of His love? And we could go on. Some have concluded the church is irrelevant to today’s society and culture. But as one who is married, I can honestly say, someone telling me they love me, but not my bride isn’t going to go over very well. I suspect Jesus would not be appreciative of us not loving His bride either.

    Again, Tyler, thanks for commenting.

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