Are you a Sweet Aroma, or a Nasty Stench?

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I want you to think of a picture for a moment. Imagine inviting someone to partake of the love of God expressed through Jesus in the image of an invitation to them to ride with you in a luxury automobile. It is a beautiful car, and you keep it immaculately clean. “It is the greatest ride in the world,” you tell them.

Now get another picture in your mind. When we were in Africa on mission, we began teaching them how to make compost to fertilize their gardens. One of the key ingredients is manure. It serves as a source of nitrogen to heat the break down of the other materials in the compost. But imagine for a moment, that great pile of manure.

So when you are unwilling to forgive others, and when you allow a root of bitterness to be nurtured in your heart; when you hold on to hurts and nurse it into a smoldering anger inside; when you fail to love othhers, it is like shoveling that pile of manure into your luxury car. No matter how clean and shiny it is, when you invite others to go for a ride, they are going to smell the stench.

People cannot experience the sweetness of the love of Christ, when they smell the stench of our unloving hearts.


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