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Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

West Africa 2-4-12 156

I WAS WRONG. In my heart I was wrong. Yes, write it down, I admit it. I was absolutely wrong. Emily set out on a mission endeavor of pure and completely unadulterated faith. Like Abraham in the beginning of His walk with God, she has set out to the place that God has determined.

From early days as a young girl, Emily has carried a calling from God to build an orphanage for children in Uganda. She certainly has a love for African children, having been with me twice to Mali. I have seen an entirley different young lady in Africa than what I see in the US. Don’t get me wrong. She is of faith and faithful in the US, although rather quiet. But in Africa she lights up as bright as the sun.

She has found a place in a previously war torn part of the country where there is no home for unwanted babies. She is returning in a few days and will work in another baby’s home until her legal work is finished and the first phase of the home will be built. It costs about $100 a month to sponsor one of these babies, and her first phase will provide for ten.
Please pray for Emily. And if you feel led to faithfully support this work, contact me at bradbessent@msn.com and I will connect you to her ministry.

“O God, faithful Father, unleashe Your love through the work of this your servant, Emily. Supply all she needs. Use her to advance Your Kingdom.”

Oh, how was I wrong? I thought she was going off without a detailed plan. How would God provide? Where was the support? And there is a fine line between faith and presumption. But I believe that Emily is setting out with the same determination and faith that I read about in the life of George Mueller. God bless you, Emily.

  1. Jay Floyd says:

    She is going to do AMAZING work. Stepping out on faith. We all thought she was crazy didn’t we? Ain’t it nuts? I know God is going to protect and guide her. What an amazing example of total abandonment!!

  2. rachel flemming says:

    When I first met Emily, she came to help me in the toddler’s group, it was my first time working with them. I was impressed with how she interacted with the children. She truly had demonstrated her love for children. Emily knew how to maintain their interest . She had the heart and arms of Jesus. When I read she was opening a home. I knew
    I would help her ,
    I asked my family to donate toys and clothes that were in good condition and I would find out where they could send them. However, if she had a building, people could have caught sales after the Holidays and bought new stuff for cheap.
    We as the body of Christ / church family could buy 1 outfit for less than 10.00; buy a new toy for 10- to 20.00 and or give 10.00- 20.00 monthly for rent. Do the math work it out in your heart.
    Know that Jesus loves the children and do not want anyone to hinder them. The children Emily is nurturing and caring for may be our future disciples. To carry on the mission in their land.

    Father, I pray that Your beloved children will spiritually see Your purpose for Emily. Father we pray, that Jesus will place His hands on Emily and the children and bless them. Father, we as Your beloved children know from Your word that we are blessed to be a blessing. This our prayer in Jesus name. Amen.

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