Why are You going to Africa?

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Someone asked me after church the other day, “Why are you going to Africa?” Here is why . . .
Watch this.

  1. rachel flemming says:

    He is worthy,all magnificent, Jesus , Jesus, no one is. Greater than You. God has given those He chose a purpose, He has equiped us for that purpose. Their are many here in our oen country who worship other gods and have denied our one in only true God.
    America came under the rule God, but want to deny is divine sovereighty, they attempt to cast Him out of every part of our lives.
    The lost souls are here in america also,many who do not know Jesus because His exemplary values, characteristics and attributes are not demonstrated in His disciples. In my perspective we are to worship our Father, with our lives living His word, being His word, loving His word, and doing His word.
    We go to where God send us throughout this world. Our will should be to do the will of our Father.

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