Missional Church – REDUNDANT

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Uncategorized


There are all kinds of discussions taking place about revitalizing the church. Much of the conversation speaks of “Reform-mission”, or “Transform-
Mission” meaning we need to rediscover the missional objective of the church.

I believe it was Emil Brunner who said that the church exists for mission as a fire exists for burning. That is pretty clear and simple. If there is no “burning” there is no fire. In the same sense, “if there is no mission, there is no church.” Apart from being missional, the church ceases to exist as church. It is a gathering, a club, a society, something other than church.

So to speak of a missional church is to speak with redundancy. It is like saying a “church church”. Jesus commissioned us. He empowers us. He leads us. He sends us.

We can pray for revival, and God may act sovereignly and vertically and fall fresh on us because of His grace and we will recapture our missional essence.
But we have another option, I believe, as well. We can seek His face and choose to abide in Christ. Out of the essential nature of worship we will be missional. If there is no resulting missional activity, there has been no true worship. To discover God’s heart in worship is to discover His love for the “nations,” all the peoples of the world.


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