Modern Day Pharisees

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Modern Day Pharisees

Just this past year a good friend was “fired” from his church. I asked him what reason they gave and he said, “They accused me of bringing evangelism to the church.”

I received an email late yesterday and another friend said, “We have been having some problems at church lately, and it led me to being forced to resign yesterday (this past Sunday.)” He continued in the email, “Amazingly enough, the ‘controllers’ were upset at me for going on mission trips and the focus on making disciples.”

I am having lunch with another pastor this week who resigned late last year for similar reasons. And just a couple days ago I spoke with a pastor who resigned two or three years back and he said, “I am not too fond of church people anymore.”

In talking with each of these men, they don’t have any problem with the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are struggling with what people have made of the church. The Pharisees were defenders of their faith. They were deeply devoted to their religion. They were “all in”. But unfortunately they were caught up in traditions and man made rules, not in the heart of God.

So I wondered this morning, “Could we have a little fun with this? If I used the statement we sometimes here, ‘You might be a . . . if you . . .”.
So post your response to, “You might be a Pharisee if . . . ” Complete that statement.

For example, “You might be a Pharisee if you respond to an idea with, ‘We never did it that way before.'” Or, “You might be a Pharisee if you are upset with the church leaders for changing the style of worship.'” Post your ideas.

  1. Wendy says:

    I wonder how honest we would all be if we actually we worded the statement….
    I might be a Pharisee if…..
    or even better…
    I am a Pharisee when……

    • Frank Lengel says:

      Something else that seems to be in common is the “professional clergy.” While the Apostle Paul certainly faced opposition, “being fired” was never an issue for him. His income was not captive to the whims of “church members.” I continue to be a strong advocate for bi-vocational ministry. Not only does it free the pastor up from these sorts of things, but it also forces church members to be an active part of the ministry (visitation, prayer, etc) because the pastor can’t do it all. Just saying …

      Blessings, my brother! Have a great day!

  2. Wendy says:

    OK so..
    I am a Pharisee (hypocrite, self-righteous) when I will not accept a spiritual truth from a person I am either holding a resentment against or a person I think I am better than.

  3. Jay Floyd says:

    If you think people should come to church instead of the church going to people…….you might be a Pharisee…..

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