Preaching in the Mirror!

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


I confess! I am an “A personality” and I like to come to the end of every day and be able to measure what I have accomplished. Couple that with the words of a good friend and mentor who said, “Your job for the next two months is to secure the finances for your ministry.” So at the end of each day, I have looked back and thought, “How many people did I share the vision with today? How many commitments were secured? Have I done . . . etc.”

It was a good word from another dear friend and mentor yesterday who offers balance in my life. “Rest in your calling,” he said. “Be secure in Your heavenly Father who promised to provide all that you need from His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.” So today I am looking myself in the mirror and reminding myself, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” and “Wait on the Lord.”

None of that means lay back in a hammock and do nothing. It means keep sowing the seeds of the Gospel of the Kingdom and let God bring the harvest. AMEN.

  1. Brian Hutchens says:

    Sometimes too a period of absolute rest is needed. We are no longer bound to the law, but the principal of Sabbath days and even Sabbath years is still valid in our world and lives. God has in His grace made us limited creatures. In our western culture we (I include myself here) struggle to “be still and know God”. Love you brother!

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