The Fox and and the Hound

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Our dog is a small white rescue animal, obviously abused in a previous life, and so normally timid. She likes to act tough, hiding behind a door, or with one of us close by. She is slender and probably stands 12 to 18 inches off the ground.

One day last week just after dark, my wife let her out the back door. She took up in a streak toward the back corner of the yard at the edge of the woods, barking for all her might. Shining a flashlight ahead of the dog, my wife could see two seedy eyes reflecting back. Suddenly the “animal” lit out toward the dog, which spun around, began yelping in a high pitch, and running for her life. Good thing for her she is fast, real fast.

Every indication is that the animal we have only seen in the dusk darkness is a fox. It moves like a fox, its shadowy form looks to be a fox. And this behavior between the dog and the fox is almost a daily thing.

I cannot help but think this morning that the dog is much like the church can sometimes be. We have a real enemy that sneaks around in the shadows and hiding in the darkness, but ever ready to attack us. We can bark loudly, but then at times run for our lives when there is a full frontal attack.

The Word of God cautions, “Be strong in the Lord.” And we are to put on the whole armor of God. But Eph. 6 reminds us the battle is one of prayer. Amazingly, there is no armor for our backside. God never intends for us to turn tail and run for our lives. We are to stand fast. My dog can run fast. Fortunately for her my wife was standing fast, and the fox turned and ran.

Are you standing fast in prayer? Are you praying for those around you who started after the enemy, but have suddenly found themselves under full attack? Fight the good fight. Be strong in the Lord. Pray with all your might. Those are instructions we are given. (By the way, the outcome has already been determined. Jesus won the fight for us on the cross. And like my wife in the dog’s defense, He stands fast in intercession on our behalf.)


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