One of these things is not like the Other

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

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A common cold; a stumped toe; a hangnail; eternally separated from God; a pimple on my face. I could be really ugly at this point and comment on some comments, but I won’t. I could be really insensitive and talk about some recent conversations, but again, I will restrain myself. I could revisit some previous blogs, but you might think I am just being lazy.

There are approximately 3100 people groups in our world with no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That means they have absolutely no idea there is a Savior who loves them. They have never even heard his name. That 3100 people groups are not even on any evangelical strategy list at the moment. And yet in any given year, less than 2% of the resources of the church in America are given over to the work of sharing Christ with these unengaged peoples.

Oh no, I have a cold and don’t feel 100%, or I stubbed my toe and it hurts a little. But wait, could it really be that we are just plain casual about the lostness of people who don’t know Christ. Now I have no idea who actually reads these blogs. So if you are one who believes in some universalistic God who overlooks sin and lostness, there is no need to comment on the blog because I won’t approve it. I am reaching out to those who should know better.

Can we honestly continue to build our “Six Flags over Jesus” theme parks to entertain comfortable “Christians” once a week, or are we ready to face our call to “Go into all the world and make disciples” of every people group? Will we explore the heart of God as it is revealed in the world and begin to pray that He turns our heart toward His for those who have not heard? Do the countless millions into the billions have any reason to think that if they manage to hold on long enough we will bring the Good News to them in time? Will we stop living out the “Great Omission” and begin obeying the “Great Commission?”

Every Christian can heed God’s call to prayer. We can pray for God to send laborers into His harvest. Most Christians can give. We can give of our treasures to the work of missions that all might hear. And in fact many, if not most, can “Go”. Surely there are some who legitimately cannot go. But what if our prayers were “God, I am planning to go, but I am willing to stay,” instead of our attitude really being, “OK, God if you push me I will go, but I do not really plan to.”

By the way, if you didn’t answer the question of the title, a common cold, a stumped toe, a hangnail, and a pimple, under most circumstances are pretty much the same, they are minor inconveniences. Lostness, that is separation from God, it is eternal, and it is beyond serious, it is the greatest problem we can have. There is Good News and God has entrusted it to our stewardship. Let’s be diligent, not casual about addressing the matter.

And as an extra note, if you thought the one thing that was not the same was the white guy in the picture, you really missed the point. Biblically, there is really only one race of people, the HUMAN RACE. Yes, God is a creative God, and there is a rich diversity of ethnicity, but a common relation in that all were created in the image of God.

  1. Wendy says:

    When I focus on my cold, my ache, my inconvenience, I am focused on myself. To have my heart in tune to Jesus and the Holy Spirit I have to be Jesus focused…always willing to die to myself. I cannot have a heart for lost people until I have a heart that beats for Jesus only. It is His likeness in me that makes my heart break for the lost, that saddens, not angers me, about people who are not willing to share the Gospel, including myself at any given time. I only am willing to go when I am willing to die……….

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