Hirelings? Or Called.

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized


I have written a couple of blog posts recently about church leader termination. I would say it was enough, but they seem to have drawn more attention than some of the other posts, so I thought I would offer a final thought on the matter.

In I Samuel 24, there is an interesting story about David and King Saul. God has already made a decision to replace Saul with David as king over Israel. Saul in all of his continuing jealousy is seeking David to destroy him. One day as he travels, the Bible says that Saul goes into a cave to relieve himself, and David and his men are hiding in the cave. David’s men say, “Look, David, God has delivered Saul into your hands. This is your big opportunity. Kill him.”

Instead of killing Saul, David cuts off the corner of Saul’s garments, but even that pricks his conscience, and David declares, “Far be it from me, I cannot lift my hand against God’s anointed.”

So many today would reason, God has promised to replace Saul with me as King. Then circumstances line up for us to do something and take the matter into our own hands. So we think, “Oh, this means God wants me to do this.” But David is above that. He realizes that God doesn’t need his help. God put Saul in power, and God will remove him at exactly the right time, and it doesn’t require David to take matters into his own hands.

What does that say about churches that fire pastors? I am not saying that there is never a time to act; certainly issues of morality. But if we truly believe God “calls” a pastor, a leader, then why do we think He needs our help when that person doesn’t seem to be the one we think is right for our church? Do you want a “hireling.” Jesus talks about the difference in a “True Shepherd” and someone who is simply hired. So do we want a God-called man, or a church-hired man? And if we want the called one, dare we lift our hand against God’s anointed?


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