If God used me in your life in any way, Then. . .

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

If at some point in your life God used my ministry to work in your life, then please read this article carefully. If you think that every person on this planet should have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then please read this article. If you want to invest your resources in something that has eternal upside and no downside, then please read this article.

Recently God has lead me to form a Mission Mobilization Ministry to assist churches to engage people who have never heard the Gospel with the message of God in an effective way. I have formed a 501(c)3 ministry, called Church Unleashed Global, Inc. I have a board of trustees who oversee our work and hold us accountable.

There are roughly 12,000 different people groups in our world. They are each distinct in their culture, their story, their language, their lives. Roughly half of those people groups are classified as Unreached by missiologists. Of the Unreached, approximately 3100 people groups are Unengaged Unreached. That means they have absolutlely no church, no mission organization, no one attempting at the present time to share the Gospel with them.

Over the last 5 years, God has allowed me to lead a typical church to travel to a village of Mali, West Africa 25 times. We have seen God do incredible things in planting churches in villages that had never heard of Jesus before. What we did there any church can do. But they need someone to help them, and that is the heart of what I am trying to do.

This ministry is only possible through the prayers and faith gifts of God’s people.
So if you truly would like to be a part of seeing every ethnic group on this planet engaged in an effective manner, if God has blessed you, if perhaps over the years God used me in any way as a part of your walk or growth in Christ, would you consider being a faithful prayer partner, and a financial supporter.

While some could give significantly more, even the amount of a Big Mac, Fries, and a drink, by enough people would make the difference. Would you at least pray and ask God if He wants you to be a part of this ministry.

If you want to ask questions about the work, you can contact me at bradbessent@msn.com, or here on facebook. If you want to talk, I will give you my phone number through a private message or email.

A monthly gift from enough people will make a significant difference. If you want to be a part, you can make your check payable to and mail it to the Columbia Metro Baptist Association,1929 Gadsden St., Columbia, SC. On the memo line of the check write, Church Unleashed Global. It is completely tax deductible. Consider having your bank automatically send it each month and you won’t have to remember.

Just think, giving up a starbucks latte once a week, or even fasting one day at lunch, instead of eating out, could make the difference in someone hearing the Gospel. I need your help. Thanks for reading this far.


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