Living This Day for That Day

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I cannot get my mind off the comment that Johnny Hunt made yesterday at a conference on Church Revitalization. He said, “I want to live ‘This Day’ in such a way that I will be glad of what I did on ‘That Day’.” Indeed those are the only two days that have any significance in the living of our lives.

Today is the only day that we have in this earthly life. Yesterday is obviously already gone. No matter whether I had failures or successes, I cannot re-live yesterday. Time is not a replenish-able resource. And tomorrow, well, it is not here, and I have no guarantee that I will have the opportunity of tomorrow. “Today is the Day the Lord has made.”

One day, I will stand before my Creator. I will render to Him an accounting of what I did with the time, the treasures, and even the talents that He entrusted to my stewardship. He is the owner, and I am only a manager. Jesus told of a steward standing before His master one day giving that account. I want to hear Him say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” But He will only be able to say that if in fact I have done well.

So many days in my past I failed to do well. I cannot undo those days. They are all spent, some even wasted. But as I sit in the early hours of today, THIS DAY, I want to invest THIS DAY wisely, so that I will be glad on THAT DAY. On THAT DAY, I want to hear Him say, Well Done.

I know this morning that if you are reading this blog, you are like me, you have today, THIS DAY. It is all you have. You can spend it as you chose. You can absolutely waste it. Or, you can I invest it wisely for His Kingdom. Your yesterdays have already come and gone, good or bad. Your tomorrow may never come. You are guaranteed two days. This day, and That day. What will God say to you on That Day about what you did This day?

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