Enlisting an Army

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Uncategorized


One of the most challenging aspects of a “faith based ministry” is raising the financial support to enable the ministry to take place. I made a living in sales for about 12 years, and with most products I found that I had one “yes” in every ten sales calls. That meant I heard “No” at least nine times for every “yes”. In fund raising for ministry, I am told the numbers are more like one “yes” for every twenty contacts made.

The “no’s” caught up to me this week. So I began to think, do I really believe what I have preached all these years? Is prayer the last resort, or the first “resolve.” Do I really believe that prayer is the most effective work that believers can do? And “Yes” I really do.

So I determined that I want to raise an army of 1000 people that will pray for our new ministry, Church Unleashed Global. My heart is to help churches mobilize to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth. There are approximately 12,000 people groups that have been identified in our world. Roughly half of those are yet unreached with the Gospel, meaning less than 2% of the population is Christian. But another half of them, 3100 people groups are called Unengaged. That means that there is no church, no mission board, no one trying to reach them today. I cannot reach all of them, and neither can you. But I can be a part, and so can you.

Will you pray for our ministry as we seek to come alongside churches and help them to embrace an Acts 1:8 strategy; to embrace God’s heart for the nations; to embrace a posture of absolute obedience to fulfilling the Great Commission? Email me at bradbessent@msn.com or facebook me and let me know you are willing to call our name before the Father at least once every week. Be sure to give me your email address so that I can keep you up to date with our prayer needs. Thanks.


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