Go Viral with a Hashtag

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


It was a classic by #William Shakespeare, that is #Much ado about Nothing. And in my lifetime the tv show #Jerry Seinfeld carried it to new heights. It was, afterall, a comedy show in which each episode was pretty much about nothing. So I will tell you on the front end, with the exception of the last couple of paragraphs, this blog post at times will be a lot of rambling about nothing.

My daughter came over yesterday to help me with the creation of a Facebook page. I admit that I am quite the #dinosaur when it comes to the matter of the internet and social media. I know how to check my email, and I know how to get on #facebook, and post a comment on #twitter. But I honestly don’t understand most of the meta-language and dialogue that takes place these days. I watched some portions of the #Tony Awards last night, and was glad to see the #Rascals singing “Good Loving” because that was from back in my day. I have nothing against #Taylor Swift, but I got it the first time she told that guy they were never ever, ever, not now, not ever getting back together. So a reference to the music of the #old time rock ‘n roll on the TV catches my attention.

Anyway back on the subject: My daughter was trying to explain to me how to get more exposure on my facebook page by tweeting and using hashtags. I check #twitter from time to time, and I post occasionally. I usually do more in the way of “re-posts” when #JohnnyHunt, or #SteveFlockhart, two friends have something catchy on their posts. I even retweet people I haven’t ever met like #MarkTwain, or #CharlesSpurgeon, or even #JohnWesley. I might retweet #RyanSeacrest or #JustinBieber if they have anything worth repeating. I don’t keep up with #Hilary Clinton, or #PresidentObama to see if they tweet. I don’t even know if the annual meeting of the #SBC that begins tomorrow in Houston will catch much attention with the comments on #twitter from the attendees. So I can throw the “#” sign in front of anything and see if others are talking about that topic. It should draw some attention. I don’t know.

So that said, I was in the “Bush country” of #Mali for the first time in February, 2011. I was amazed in a village with no electricity, and where they still cooked on open charcoal fire, they still had advertisements here and there for #Coca-Cola.
Even now, in the village where I have spent the most time, there is still no electricity or running water, but there are cell-phone towers by #Orange. Obviously anyone with enough money and ingenuity can get their message to the most remote of places.

All of that to simply say, what would it take for the gospel message of #Jesus Christ to go viral, literally everywhere. I still go into remote villages and have people tell me when we share the Good News that they have never heard this name #Jesus Christ before. #RickWarren wants them to know that they can live a #PurposeDrivenLife, and #DavidPlatt will remind them it must be #Radical. #JohnPiper challenges us to #Let the Nations Be Glad, and Nik Ripken points out for us #The Insanity of God. But still there are people who have not heard the message #JesusSaves.

#ChurchUnleashed is one effort to carry the message of the #Bible to the ends of the earth and make the name #JesusChrist a viral message on every tongue. I challenge you to be a part of the conversation. Copy your #facebook friends, and repost on your #twitter account. If don’t know how, but include #Pinterest if you like. Get LinkedIn. I am guessing my regular blog readers, both of them, won’t get this post. I am not sure I do either, but I have had a good time with it. Either way, let me challenge anyone reading this, #JesusChrist is the name above every other name, and the #Bible says that He is the Way to the Father. @Tweet His name to the ends of the earth. Post His message on your #Facebook page. Tell the story on your blog site, make it viral on #Wordpress.


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