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Today if someone asks you are you a “follower” of someone is most likely means that you receive their latest blog post on your computer. It is as simple as clicking “Like” or “Follow” with your computer mouse. Unfortunately, I fear, too many people have that idea in mind when it comes to being a Christian. Its a day in which we can have “virtual church” experiences of worship without any real commitment or even participation on our part.

If I get annoyed with the number of posts on my Facebook page, I defriend, unlike, or stop following with another click of the mouse. If someone posts something I like, I simply click like, or write a comment, and my “discipleship” with that individual is fulfilled. Nothing changes in my life. Nothing is expected of me in return.

Jesus had something entirely different in mind, however, when He bid people, “Come and follow me.” He cautioned that while foxes and birds have homes, His followers often have “no place to lay their heads”. This is one who said, “Unless you hate your Father and Mother” and on another occasion “let the dead bury the dead” to a would be follower whose father had passed.
Perhaps nothing sums it up better than “If anyone would come after me (be my follower), let him DENY HIMSELF, TAKE UP HIS CROSS, and follow me.” Pretty strong words requiring total surrender.

Paul to the believers in Rome about Gentile disciples in Romans 15:18. He described the Gentiles discipleship as one “resulting in obedience by word and deed.” So consider this morning. Have you simply “liked Jesus” by praying some simple formula-matic prayer as a fire insurance policy, or have you denied yourself, taken up your own cross and surrendered fully to Jesus?


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