Write a Blank Check (with your life)

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized


Recently, I began a sermon with these words, “Today, I am going to ask you to do one specific thing. I am going to ask you to write a blank check with the rest of your life to God.” I borrowed a statement that I had heard from someone, “Put your ‘yes’ on the table, and let God put it on the map.” After the worship service a gentleman walked up and said, ‘I am two years from retirement’ and my wife and I have been really struggling with what to do next. This is it. This spoke to me today.”

In Acts 10, God is preparing Simon Peter to go and share the Gospel with a Gentile man named Cornelius. Three times Peter has a vision of a tablecloth of “unclean” foods coming down before him and God telling him to eat. Peter says something very intriguing. He responds, “No, Lord.” Think about that for a moment. You can not honestly say both. If Jesus is Lord of your life, you cannot respond with “No”. And if you respond to God with “No”, then you cannot honestly call Him Lord.

No matter what God asks of us, the only appropriate answer is “Yes.” Romans 12:1 calls on us to make a once and for all presentation of our “bodies” (representing the entirety of life) to God. It then goes on to say that it is the only reasonable act of worship we can do in light of God’s incredible mercies demonstrated toward us. So today, imagine whatever is left of your life as a blank check. It is the blank check of your time, your treasures, and your talents; whatever is left. And sign it over to God. Simply say, “Yes, Lord.” Then let God fill it all in.

When Isaiah encountered God in all His glory in Isaiah 6, he also overheard God having a conversation with Himself, saying, “Who will go for us; who will I send?” Energetically and enthusiastically he volunteered, saying “Here am I, send me?” Words that today might be heard as, “What about me God? I volunteer. Can I go for You? Can you use me?”


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