You Can Advance God’s Kingdom

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized


One day in the temple, as Jesus anticipated what He saw fixing to happen he called the attention of the disciples to a small widow lady that walked up to the temple treasury and dropped in two small coins, the “widow’s mite.” It was roughly the equivalent of six minutes wage for the average laborer of that day. What made this gift so significant was it was all that she had. It was a costly gift, a sacrificial gift. There are so many lessons in this story, not the least of which is that God measures our giving by what we have left after we give.

I heard Jim Slack with IMB say recently that less than 2% of all the monies collected by churches in the U.S. ever makes it to the realm of international missions. Among Southern Baptists last year approximately half of our churches did not give a single dime to our annual International Mission Offering. In the typical church historically, 20% of the congregation give 80% of the receipts, 30% give the other 20, and 50% give absolutely nothing.

Consider this: If I buy an average meal at a fast food restaurant, I am going to spend $7.50 to $10.00. If I gave up one of those type meals a week, I could give between $30 and $40 a month to advance the Kingdom of God through international missions. A good friend of mine once said, “I believe in relationship to mission, ‘you either go, or provide the cash flow.”

Personally, I believe the Bible teaches that all we have belongs to God. I believe it teaches that we are to give a minimum of a tithe (10%) back to God through our local church in order to remind us that He is our provider and that it all belongs to Him. But Today, I want to challenge you to consider doing something a little sacrificial. Beyond your tithe, give to the cause of missions. You can do that in so many ways.

David once said that he would not offer something to God that did not cost him anything. I suspect that very few of us are giving to the point that it changes our lifestyle. What if you added a giving plan of $10, $20, a month or more to missions? Imagine if all believers did that.

If you want to support the work of Church Unleashed Global, a mission of mobilizing local churches to embrace unreached peoples in our world and work together to insure all hear the Gospel, give by writing a check to the Columbia Metro Baptist Association, and write on the memo line, Church Unleashed Global. Mail it to 1929 Gadsden St, Columbia, SC 29201. Visit our website,


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