Two Deadly Tactics of the Enemy

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

It has been well said, “God tests us to bring out the best in us, and satan tempts us to bring out the worst.” In the last few days I have simply tried to focus attention on the reality of the spiritual warfare that exists. Satan is called many things in the Bible. He is a liar, a thief, a murderer. He is described as wiley and deceptive. No doubt he has many weapons in his arsenal.

A couple of days ago I suggested that spiritual warfare is illustrated in the book of Joshua. At the outset of that book, Joshua and God’s people are confronted with the reality that their great leader “Moses is dead.” Joshua is appointed to lead the people into Canaan. As they looked across the river into the Promised Land, they knew there were enemies in that land to be confronted and conquered.

Forty years earlier the people of God had disobeyed God’s Word and turned away from entering Canaan because there were giants in the land. Well, those giants had not all disappeared. The enemy was still there. The first great test would be the mighty fortified city of Jericho. God had promised victory. God had said, “I am giving this land to you.” The battle ultimately would not be theirs, but God’s. But they had to “Go”. They had to obey.

So as God prepares the people to enter Canaan, He gives a caution. “Do not become discouraged, and do not be afraid.” Do act in fear is to act in the opposite of faith. Faith is the confidence that God’s Word is true and that God will fulfill His promise. Fear is to see evidence to the contrary and choose to believe it. Fear can defeat us. The people of God had turned away in fear 40 years earlier. Do not fear the enemy. Do not fear the obstacles. And the partner to fear is discouragement. To become discouraged is to lose courage. Courage believes that God is greater and stronger than anything we face in our way. To be discouraged is to lose sight of that reality.

I believe the only way to avoid discouragement is to live in prayer and in God’s Word. I believe the great need of our lives is to rise early and spend quality time with our heavenly Father. To the degree that we live in communion with God, to that degree we will act in faith, not fear. To that degree we will be courageous and not become discouraged. God has given us all the weaponry and resources we need to be victorious in Him.


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