rose colored glasses

For a number of years now I have had the privilege of training volunteers to go with me to Mali, West Africa, and to live for a couple weeks in a village in the bush among a people group we have worked with. One of the first things we talk about in the training is “taking off our American glasses” and putting on a pair of “Malian glasses.” The truth is we all see the world through the lens of the “glasses” that have been colored by the culture and the experience through which we have lived our lives.

I have a pair of sun glasses I have carried for the last six years with me to Africa. By my standards they were rather expensive. Typically I wear glasses I get from #Dollar General or # Walmart and pay less than $10.00. These were over $100. But the heat and the elements have caused them to become “Speckled” and scratched, and I rarely use them any more because I cannot see clearly.

When it comes to our point of view on most subjects we rarely see clearly. We see through the lens of our personal “glasses” that have become speckled and scratched from the culture and experiences that mark us as who we are. As I see the news reports these days, I cannot help but notice that our society often divides over this very issue. It is often “how we see” and thus interpret the events around us.

I grew up to the tunes of Creedence Clearwater, and I remember the lyrics, “I can see clearly now, the rains have gone.” I want to challenge you to consider the possibility that your point of view is likely shaped by the “lens” through which you are interpreting the events around you. Consider taking off those lens for a moment, and seeing the world from another point of view. Humanly, that is a challenge hard to embrace. So why not today, pray that God give you clear vision. More importantly, pray that God will help you see through His eyes.

There is an interesting scene in the recent movie about “Jackie Robinson”. There is a white short-stop named “Pee-Wee”, and they have come to play a game in his home town. The crowd becomes quite hostile to Jackie Robinson and chanting the “N-word”. Finally, Pee-Wee goes over and puts his arms around Jackie Robinson and stands there. He is the home-town hero, taking a stand for truth. He says to Robinson, “Thank-you.” When Jackie asks what he is thanking him for, “Pee-Wee” says “My family needed to see this.”

Our world needs to see Christians that show the love of Christ. Jesus didn’t distinguish between people of different walks of life, no matter what the differences. He is the only man that ever walked on this earth that it could honestly be said of “He saw through clear and undistorted lens.”

  1. delores14 says:

    There was a Country Singer named John Connely, that sang Rose colored Glasses, and We sometimes look through those also. We Need to change Our Glasses with Clear Glass and really see what is important and that would be “Jesus”!

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