A Sickening and Powerless Church

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Is it possible that the western church in this post modern age has surrendered in this Kingdom War? Is it possible that like France and other parts of Europe in WW2 we have already been over whelmed and rendered powerless in the fight? Jesus said His church would conquer the very gates of hell in reclaiming a lost world for His kingdom. And as much of the world is rapidly seeing multiplying churches, it seems the Western church is struggling, and often surrendering.

When Jesus wrote to the church in Laodicea in Rev. 3, He said “You say that you are rich and do not need anything.” But Jesus went on to say, in reality, “you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.” (v. 17) It was the Laodicean church, you will recall, that had put Jesus outside. He said, “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” (v. 20). This was the Lukewarm church.

Today we so often substitute our programs and gimmicks for the power of God. Jesus said, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” (Acts 1:8). Have we substituted planning for praying? Have we substituted programming for power? There is nothing wrong with planning and programming, except when they replace God’s Presence and power.

How many church committee meetings and business meetings have been built around human reason and the will of the majority, rather than the revelation and vision of Almighty God? How many times has someone in our churches said, “I know that the Bible says, BUT . . .” My question is, what circumstance or apparent reality makes any scripture untrue or irrelevant?

Has Satan deceived us again into thinking we don’t need God? He told Eve, you can be like God if you eat that fruit. Has Satan convinced us to substitute our own abilities and to measure the work of the church by our great accomplishments? Jesus said to the Laodicean church, “You make me sick. I will vomit you out of my mouth.” Do we make Jesus sick? Have we feared being called a fanatic or a radical if we allow our hearts to burn to hot? Have we crowded Jesus out? I am just asking.

What if we sought the face of God? What would happen if we heard the knock, opened the door, and let Jesus be Lord of His church again? What if we recognized that what we need most is a fresh wind of God’s Spirit rather than a new pastor or a new program? Already today I have had a text from a dear brother who under pressure will resign his church as pastor. The next time, it will be a different name on the marquis, but the same result, UNLESS . . .

Oh that our God would rend the heavens and revive His church? Oh that we as God’s people would seek His face with the fervency of saints in other centuries that stormed the gates of heaven with their intercession until the fires of revival fell.

  1. Satan would love for us to be a church like this:
    Worship without Mission
    Fellowship without Service
    Training without Witnessing
    Programs without Power
    Entertainment without Evangelism

    We live in a “it’s all about me” environment

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