“Will I stay, or will I go?”

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We were standing outside of the mission guest house in Bamako waiting to go to the tourist market. It was our last day in country. We had been in the bush for a week and after a good night’s rest we were off to shop for souvenirs for the first-timers and to eat at a local American café, hamburgers, milk shakes, and banana splits. I was talking with a translator that had been new to us, and had gone to a different village than me with some of our group.

He had told me that he was next in line to be chief in his home village. As the conversation developed, I finally asked, “Are you Muslim? or are you a follower of Jesus?” “No,” he said, “I am neither.” “That is very interesting,” I responded. Then he began to tell me, “When I was a student, I thought a lot about religion. I talked with others about what it meant to follow Jesus, and what it meant to be Muslim. I even prayed that God would show me the true way.” “What happened,” I asked.en

Then he told me about a dream he had several times. “I was running, and I was being chased by evil spirits. Suddenly I saw a figure in front of me, in brilliant white raiment. I could not see his face, but it was radiant. I felt such peace in his presence. The evil spirits turned and fled when they saw him, and so I asked, ‘Who are you?’ ‘I am Jesus,’ he had answered.”

“It sounds to me like God was answering your prayer to know the true way,” I said. “Why haven’t you chosen to follow Jesus?” He then explained the complications of his life in making that choice. “As next in line to be chief, I am the keeper of all the traditions of my people. If I make a choice to follow Jesus, it affects everyone.” “Wow,” I responded. “Indeed God has given to you a great opportunity to lead many to truth. I will pray with you now, and continue to pray for you.”

I haven’t seen this young man again. But I have heard through others that he did indeed eventually become a follower of Jesus. What is interesting about this is that his experience of seeing Jesus in a dream is not isolated. I have had many friends working in places where there are many Muslims tell me of experiences they have had with Muslims having dreams or visions in which they see Jesus. In fact, I am currently reading a book, Dreams and Visions, by Tom Doyle, that reports the same thing. God is at work among the Muslims, it seems, as never before.

I was talking with a man last week who lives and works in India. I asked if they were encountering many people who had dreams or visions of Jesus. He told me that was common among the Muslims. “Among the Hindu,” he said, “it is different. We are seeing many ‘healings’ and ‘people delivered from demons.” While the manifestations are different among different peoples and in different places, God is at work today in our world in such incredible ways.

Yet there remain many places and many people where the Gospel has not gone. We have the privilege of being a part of God’s activities in our world in these last days. Will you pray, “Lord, here am I, send me?” Will you be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone has access to the Gospel? Will you pray, ‘God I am planning to go, but willing to stay?” Or will you miss what God is doing by not obeying His call on your life, whether it is to stay or go?

  1. David Dinkins says:

    Call to follow Jesus I believe calls for one to leaves self behind. It is being willing to do the right thing when the world says NO don’t follow this Jesus.
    Dreams and visions are signs of the end of the age.

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