Is Jesus Enough for You?

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Western culture is one where we seem to always want more. When asked, “How much is enough” most of us seem to think, “a little bit more.” But what if Jesus was all that you had? Would He be enough? Most Christians will be quick to answer that question with words like, “Absolutely.” Our theologies speak of the all sufficiency of Jesus.

Someone has said, “You will never know if Jesus is enough, until Jesus is all that you have.”</em Rarely do we allow ourselves to be in that position of total dependency. And yet brothers and sisters of faith live that way all around our world. This morning I was reading of the life story of an Afghan believer named "Mateen". He is often beaten, jailed, or persecuted in some form. And yet he says, ‘I will not stop bringing Jesus to my people.”

While a Muslim, he was known as a man of prayer. He would slip out of his city and find a secluded place to pray, and in that place Jesus began to appear to him, as He is doing often among Muslims these days. Now a faithful follower of Jesus, Mateen says, “I am told that because I love Jesus so openly one day I will die for my faith in Him.” No wonder the 2011 Operation World report tells that Iran and Afghanistan have the two fastest growing church to people ratio in the world. Are you as surprised at that as I was when I read it?

As I write this today, I will worship this particular Sunday in a church with every convenience. Easy access parking will greet me. A climate controlled worship center will welcome me. A very professional praise team will lead worship, and a comfortably dressed preacher will challenge me with a polished message for me to file away in my mind already filled with more sermon challenges than I have applied successfully. So what if it was really different?

What if today, you were faced with the challenge to meet under the cover of darkness in a secret location known only to believers? What if it were a room lit only with a kerosene lantern, and the heat was stifling? What if . . . and you can supply so many descriptions. Here is my point. What if, not in theory but in reality, Jesus was really all that you had? Would He be enough?

  1. Shelly says:

    Powerful and challenging question! It is easy to answer yes when things are easy, but would the answer be the same in the midst of suffering. I can say for myself, after living in the Middle East for four years and not being able to have religious freedom, my appreciation for it is greatly increased. I don’t take being able to attend church for granted. May Jesus be enough for us all! Blessings.

  2. David Dinkins says:

    Great question: Is Jesus enought? I have been going through a lot of STUFF lately. It seen like you have cause me to look deep within and ask the hard questions. I am like the the person who came to Jesus and said “I believe help my unbelief.”

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