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I sat through a worship service yesterday where the pastor challenged his congregation to see 3000 people come to the Lord in faith two weeks from yesterday. I thought, “Wow, a 21st century Pentecost moment, right here in South Carolina. Wouldn’t that be awesome.” The sermon focused on the woman of Samaria that Jesus encountered in the heat of the day beside Jacob’s well. Here was a woman of bad reputation. She had been married and divorced five times and now was living with a man she had not married. She was not likely on anyone’s list of most likely evangelists to impact a city.

And yet when she met Jesus she did exactly that. She went and shared her testimony with her village, and many of them became followers of Christ. The pastor had asked at the outset of the service, “Have you ever believed a lie that crippled you in some way?” In fact he pointed out that essentially one sentence from this woman changed an entire town. We have believed the lie that we cannot make a difference.

Oh, did I mention this church had 35,000 in attendance two Sundays back? SO the pastor said, “If God could use one woman to change an entire town, could he not use 35,000 people to change the state?” I love the vision and the challenge. Why not today? Why not you and me? Why not our church? Is God not the same today as He was in the book of John, or Acts for that matter. So why not a 21st century Pentecost right here in S.C.? Or in your church?

You know it is interesting that this woman did not know Jesus long, before she told others. It is incredible that this woman who was ostracized by her village so that she had to come alone to draw water in the heat of the day, when she met Jesus she couldn’t wait to tell others. Why aren’t we that quick to tell others?

I have heard some say of this church, “Well, it is all about entertainment.” So let me ask you something. If someone insists that a church be the way they prefer, music style, program style, etc., are they not equally guilty of wanting to be entertained? Others have said, “Well, not all those decisions are real?” Guess what, they aren’t at any other church, either. Or someone will say, “In all that crowd, some aren’t involved, they are just hiding in the crowd.” I have seen churches with less than a hundred where only a small percentage are actually involved. I praise God for a vision like I experienced in worship yesterday. I pray we can reproduce that in more churches.